Streamline your Access Management and Governance processes

fast user management

Provision and fully deprovision a user in less than
1 minute

turnkey solution

Turnkey solution, no implementation projects. Ready to use in a few

What can you do with Permeasyon?

Full user access lifecycleFull user access lifecycle

Easy and reliable provisioning, relocation and deprovisioning in one platform

Fine-grained permissionsFine-grained permissions

Manage permissions at individual resource level in applications

Access recertificationAccess recertification

Simplify the campaigns and ensure that managers keep user access needs are up to date

MonitoringEasy monitoring

Control all user access rights at any time

Audit logsAudit log

Detect accidental or malicious changes in users and permissions

How does Permeasyon work?

Group hierarchy
Task hierarchy

Users are grouped in a hierarchy depending on the work they perform

No administrators
No administrators

Each team leader directly assigns the permissions needed for his team members

Add user to group
Easy user setup

The user just need to be added to the children role by the team leader and will receive all the permissions

Permissions to groups
No duplication of access

Same permissions in different roles are detected and adjusted for each user

Use cases

Improve operational efficiency and increase security now